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But then, he got very quiet and said, with a note of sadness in his voice, 'I am ashamed of myself. I remember that I wanted I just didn't want to draw attention to myself, to emphasize the ways I was different. I don't want to be anyone else. This little Bildungsroman , told in pride by the "Mom" herself, who also find in it a compensation for her injuries being dropped by President Clinton who initially wanted a black woman "symbolically" appointed Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights, and then changed his mind in face of criticism , is certainly true.

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It is also perhaps too beautiful. In any case it captures some of the most striking aspects which make "naming the race" in the first, the second, or the third person a double bind performative situation. It is this kind of issues that Judith Butler has addressed in her book Excitable speech , referring occasionally to race issues, but focusing on the questions of "hate speech" against homosexuals, "sexist" attitudes and discourses, and their possible legal consequences some theorists and activists, following Catherine McKinnon, ask that homophobic insults and sexist advertisements instrumentalizing the image of women as objects of lust, "pornographic utterance", etc.

While actively promoting the rights of women, homosexuals, colored subjects and their exigency to become free of threats and insults and supporting their struggle against discrimination, Butler opposes this conclusion, which she says ignores the structure of language and the conflictual nature of its performative effects therefore is unsuitable for effective politics.

Allow me to briefly recall some passages from this well known argument. More generally, then, this suggests that the changeable power of such terms marks a kind of discursive performativity that is not a discrete series of speech acts, but a ritual chain of resignifications whose origin and end remain unfixed and unfixable Further in the text, she asks whether there can exist an enunciation that "discontinues" a structure of domination of which discourse is an integral component , instead of simply "reproducing" or "enforcing" it. And she examines the possibility that structures "suffer destructuration through their being reiterated, repeated, and rearticulated.

Might the speech act of hate speech be understood as less efficacious, more prone to innovation and subversion, if we were to take into account the temporal life of the "structure" it is said to enunciate? If such a structure is dependent upon its enunciation for its continuation, then it is at the site of enunciation that the question of its continuity is to be posed. Hate speech exposes a prior vulnerability to language, one that we have by virtue of being interpellated kinds of beings, dependent on the address of the Other in order to be Live music is an integral part of Jura Unbound, providing the audience with extraordinary, one-off magical experiences which will never be repeated.

Finally, Scandinavian favourites Ljodahatt provide the finest Norwegian poetry in song - think Arcade Fire coupled with the dark cabaret of Tom Waits. Words are not forgotten at Jura Unbound. Three of the brightest authors from the Granta class of , the best young British novelists under 40, reveal their tales.

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Stripped, the new strand of the Book Festival which takes a closer look at graphic novels and comics, embraces the Jura Unbound mayhem. At Jura Unbound authors and the audiences can enjoy storytelling with a fine free dram, to help ignite their creativity and passion for the written word. We are delighted to be a part of Jura Unbound. Jura Unbound is free and unticketed and takes place every evening from 11 — 26 August from 9.

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