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Yes, the start of the novel is chaotic, but the middle feels natural. The ending is back to being chaotic, rushed, and bit too convenient. Basically, this book has some significant pacing issues. Grimwood gets a tip of the hat for taking some fairly typical fantasy tropes and putting his own unique spin on them.

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However, there are some fairly stereotypical elements here. Despite how chaotic and tropey The Fallen Blade can be, it was never boring and does a great job setting up the rest of the series. Where T he Fallen Blade was equal parts entertainment and frustration, The Outcast Blade is where Grimwood really shows his capabilities.

Gone are the chaotic elements from the first book. Having established his world, culture, and primary players, Grimwood focuses mostly on plot. The world has been established, but one of the most entertaining bits of this entire series is that Grimwood never really stops expanding upon it.

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In fact, in The Outcast Blade , Venice becomes a character in and of itself. I love reading books where I learn things at the same time. Many people romanticize this period of history, but Grimwood shows it in all its unfair, grimy, disease ridden, violent glory and it is shockingly realistic. Yes, I read this series as much for the addictive world as for anything else. The Outcast Blade has its own plot, but after the first book it felt kind of hum-ho. There is more political wrangling, plenty of betrayal, some emotional upheaval, romantic tension, and a new interesting character added to the mix.

It ends with another battle that I found to be rather predictable. I found it to be a touch too predictable for my liking. It felt more like a fun romp rather than the thought provoking read I wanted and expected. The characters are more realistic. Their emotional journeys were more believable and thus, sympathetic. My one character issue was that the two regents fell more into their cookie-cutter roles, which was frustrating. The first part of the book felt largely like a setup while the second part was really where most of the action and excitement takes place.

The Outcast Blade was a solid second installment in an incredibly enjoyable series. This book was sent for me to review by the publisher. The Exiled Blade was, in my opinion, the best book of the series. Here the book is almost divided in half between time spent inside and outside of Venice. While I did lament the loss of the city that Grimwood had created, it was necessary, as most of this book focuses on internal battles between Tycho and Guilietta rather than external battles between Venice and insert army here.

I found it incredibly refreshing to see how Grimwood had developed these characters throughout the series, and then decided to take such a personal, introspective journey with them. Grimwood handles them with care, and their activities, thoughts, and evolution reflect everything they had gone through throughout the book.

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Each character has to face their own demons and become the person they were trying to become. Some of the relationships that form can feel a bit contrived, and some of the things that happen suffer from convenience syndrome, but those issues are largely easy to ignore. After the finale of book two, readers might wonder where exactly Grimwood could possibly go with the series. The twist will keep readers on the edge of their set. While the tone of The Exiled Blade is a touch different than the tone of the last books, it is probably the most haunting and memorable of the set. The trilogy ends on a somewhat surprising, bittersweet, but perfect note.