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The tongue has no bones, but is strong enough to break a heart. So be careful with your words. Prophet said: "Whoever stood for the prayers in the night of Qadr out of sincere faith and hoping for a reward from Allah, then all his previous sins will be forgiven". Be careful when a gal tells u that she loves u from the bottom of her heart. For this may mean that there is still enough space for another boy on top!

Remember all words he say Words to make you social Words to make you special He is our teacher He is our guide Lets make him feel pride. Life is like a novel. Many chapters read and forgotten. But there is one I wont forget. It's the chapter "I met u and we became friends". In God"s eyes, Love is never absent. In God"s heart, forgiveness is never impossible. In God"s embrace, no one is ever alone or forgotten.

Relationship requires little efforts Even when friends are busy with their own lives, a simple sms reminds each other that Sure, he, they, took it to extremes, but I think there's something in there we can all do to live a little better. No go eat yer MerDonalds, who cares, right? LIstening to the demos on his website you can hear that classic "Man Amplified" sound. Incidentally, if you ever saw Clock DVA perform live back in the nineties, Dean was the one member you wouldn't argue with, but I have to say, he was always polite and quietly spoken.

I'll be buying a copy of his album when I have the chance. Today's insight is about the militarisation of Latin America. The "drug war"—like the "war on crime" and "the war on terror"—is pursued for reasons other than the announced goals. Ah yes, the squirrel.


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Nice story, couple were taking a self portrait, you know the thing: put the camera on a rock, click the timer, lights flash once upon a time it whirred as the timer was manual and just before the camera snaps the couple perched in front of a lake - whoops, a little ground squirrel pops up next to the camera to be immortalised forever with couple laughing like drains in the background Oh alright then, here's the bloody picture you could have looked for it yourself, you know Yes, he's spelt it with a 'z', but he's submitting to American indoctrination.

It stopped working a couple of nights ago they ran out of squirrels so your mileage may vary. B3ta also gave me a bookmark that allows you to substitute all the photos on a site with pictures from flickr of a theme of your choice like kittens, or guns. Little things to pass the time It's been hot.

Films Static This one is a strange story. Many years ago I saw a great film called Static. I was only a kid at the time, but it left quite an impression on me. For years I tried to track it down, but unfortunately I was convinced the director was a certain Alex Cox. It was a simple mistake to make, seeing that Channel 4 was broadcasting Static as part of a series of cult films, all chosen and presented by cult director Alex Cox he gave us the wonderful Repo Man , more about that film in another post.

Yesterday I was trawling the internet trying to take my mind off the unbelievable heat that Italy is just so good at when I thought I'd try yet again to find Static. Thanks to wikipedia I quickly discovered that Static was not an Alex Cox film, and after some more hunting I discovered that it was in fact the very first feature-length film by none other than Mark Romanek. Now here is a director who started small, and then made it big. Weirdly enough he also directed Michael and Janet Jackson in "Scream", reputedly the most expensive music video ever made.

One thing I never knew though was that Romanek was also responsible for another of my favourite films: " One Hour Photo ", beautifully shot and starring Robin Williams as a very convincing psychopath. Back to Static, the story revolves around a young man who, driven be the desire to get in touch with his deceased parents, comes up with a special television-like device that shows images of heaven.

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Unfortunately only he can see the images, everyone else sees just static. The film features music by English seminal band The The. The lead role is played by Keith Gordon, who starred in another of my favourite films, "Christine". The man The car So, I found the film info, and I'm a happy bunny, right? I'll be trawling the torrents for this one, as it can't be bought for love nor money. Philosophy However, the current must be attached Lets edit in an explanation, just in case Head to the link below, and you'll be able to enter in an English phrase of your liking.

The original phrase goes through a series of translations into Japanese and back again into English, with all the inevitable slight variations that translation programmes cause. The translations stop when the translations no longer vary in any way. So, I picked a nice old quote any ideas who? Oh, you need a Japanese font on board if you want to see the it all. Just because you are paranoid doesn't mean they are not out to get you. I like it. Enjoy translating stuff from English into Japanese and back again till it doesn't change any more. The weekend update -www.

Across the country it that seems anyone with a camera is being targeted as a potential terrorist, whether amateur or professional, whether landscape, architectural or street photographer. Not only is it corrosive of press freedom but creation of the collective visual history of our country is extinguished by anti-terrorist legislation designed to protect the heritage it prevents us recording.

On the other hand I do like some streetfighters, and this one does it for me. It's been a busy month so far. Usually the teaching winds down as summer hits, but this year I've got an intensive course next week, and it seems quite a few people want lessons right till the end of the month. It's all good, as it means next month when I don't work at all, I can relax some and not worry about making ends meet when September rears its head.

Talking of summer hitting, well, it has. Public transport in these conditions has been unbearable, especially on one of Rome's only two underground lines, which doesn't have air-conditioning The only solution for now is handing out free bottles of water. Providing showers would be a nice idea too None of this will matter next week though, as finally I have the bike on the road. After wasting more than 3 months waiting for an Italian identity card this weekend I'll write about that little adventure I finally have everything sorted and I'm good to roll.

As soon as August is here I'm taking the bike off to the coast for some eagerly-awaited messing about in the water. The images that you get are gritty, and very detailed. Not flattering for sure, but definitely striking.

Harlequin | Not Forgiven, Never Forgotten

I went for a real, just step outside and take a picture, no shaving, make up, cleaning, preening or waiting till the light is flattering. Oh, and no blurring, smoothing and hiding afterwards.

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I wanted a gritty black and white self portrait and that's what I got. Click on the image for a big version. Awesome got bigger. Funny The Techno Viking And if you missed the Technoviking the first time round, here's a blast from the past here, with a film from It starts innocently enough, with a blue-wigged girl dancing at a techno parade. Suddenly someone looking a tad drunk barges in and grabs the girl, only to come face to face with what can only be described as the Techno Viking. The skirmish is brief, and then the awesome that is the Techno Viking dances away.

Watch, enjoy, and then go get the merchandise. Funny, and striking, I'm almost inspired to do the same. I suspect I lack the talent. Check out joelist. Nice version of the Dr Who theme with Tesla coils. Animals Today is a good day Man gored to death as he participates in barbaric animal torture ritual. Actually, it's not that good, only one of the morons died.

Never mind, I'm with a bit of luck next time a few more parasites can be removed from the gene pool.

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There are a load of user-made presets available too. Animals No.. Funny Louis C. Hysterically funny, and contains strong languge. No really, no shit. The delights of analogue video mixing.

Not Forgiven, Never Forgotten

Video Tokyo Time Lapse Lovely video shot in Tokyo, with some tasty and hypnotic techno to go with it. Think of it as Akira meets "Koyanisqatsi". Because you're stupid, that's why. Me too. I just didn't realise it till I saw the video. So, this week has seen some things that made my blood boil, and then some After having been bored shitless by Mr Bono and the rest of U2 's preaching however right on they might be, it all reeks slightly of hypocrisy , and lo and behold this week we discover that "Their CO2 emissions are the equivalent of the waste created by 6, average British or Irish people in an entire year, or equal to leaving a standard watt lightbulb on for , years, and are much larger than the carbon footpring left by Madonna during her world tour when she produced 1, tonnes in air transport.

And I still haven't forgotten Negativland Don't get me wrong though, Bono's preaching is based on the right ideas, something the people in power don't have, as they have demonstrated yet again: "Major Nations Drop Goal of Halving C This is all happening whilst the G8 meet up in a mutual congratulatory fuckfest in Italy, led by the Italian-pedo-stallion, berlusconi.

I wonder if he's laid on the escorts and cocaine. Meanwhile, it has come to light that there is a letter dating back to well before berlusconi began his political career when the mafia made him an offer he couldn't refuse, in return for their help in getting into power. The media isn't talking about it though, well, he does own most of it. Driving Be in Awe Want to see some of the most exhilarating driving this year?

Religion More Wise Words "The greatest tragedy in mankind's entire history may be the hijacking of morality by religion. No, I think I'll take that back, what I meant to say was, I firmly believe you'll never find the perfect bag, and in the meantime the best you can do is to have too many. I guess I'll be collecting more cheapo ones then. Anyway, The Billingham Shoulder bag is available in a choice of two colours, Khaki with Chocolate leather or Black with Black leather. The material they use is FibreNyte canvas, a 21st century synthetic alternative for traditional canvas which allows us to make our bags tougher and lighter.

Strong and lightweight, it retains the look of traditional canvas, whilst providing much improved abrasion resistance and suppleness. In addition, its waterproofing performance is greatly enhanced because it is bonded to a polyester lining using Billingham StormBlock butyl rubber. Drooled over at www. Spotted over at Belstaff. So the Lazareth FZR Compressor catches my eye a little, but the silver is perhaps a little too much for my liking. Spotted at www. Photography New pics up on deviantart Top is my new gasmask, it turned up an adventure in itself with the sunvisor on.

The second is the view I get when I take the dog for a long walk Wednesday mornings. Click on the pictures to go over to see them on my Deviantart page. Funny A Rose by any other name So Facebook recently allowed people to choose their own url name, and even if I only go to Facebook once a month at max, I went and got www. Sonya has been faced with everything from molestation, domestic violence and loss of a child just to name a few all before the age of Her story will leave you speechless and inspire you all at the same time. How she was able to pull herself through all the turmoil, hurt, pain and loss in her life, is a true testimony.

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