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And these explanations are an art form all on their own.

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And this is actually accomplished as a consequence of this following the next recommendation. Most law school professors evaluate the quality of an exam answer at least in part on how well it is organized. And the most universally recognized structure here is IRAC. Aside from its importance to the organization of your exam response, using IRAC also helps ensure that your response is as complete as it should be. IRAC is the way to do that. In other words, take nothing for granted when you are completing each IRAC section for each legal issue. Maybe the elements of the law itself or the application of the facts to the law seem too obvious to you.

Your professor is grading your exam based on what issues you identify and how you analyze them.

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In the practice of law, rarely do lawyers rely only on one legal theory; instead, they formulate as many as possible and submit those that may be reasonable and sometimes even those that are less than reasonable as arguments. Rarely is a lawyer satisfied with standing behind one legal theory without having multiple backups. And what may be the strongest legal theory in the eyes of one judge is not in the eyes of another.

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The same is true for your law school exam responses; submit as many legal theories as seems reasonable and even those that seem less than reasonable. This time, look for anything that could be used to argue against your exam response.

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The professor wrote these exam questions thinking that the majority of students would overlook the facts and their hidden meaning. Legal News. By Lawyer Monthly Last updated Dec 13, 1.

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