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Level 2: Logic Focused Understanding of concept is also not the only goal because what we study and we work in future will probably be different. Level 3: Creativity Focused What is really required is creative thinking. Re: What is wrong with the Indian education system? Posted by Sravanthi at April Posted by divya jain at April Posted by Greenda at April Posted by dipu bordoloi at June Indian educational system is like more into traditional education system where ones level of understanding is determined by marks.

The concerned government should reform it with more updated polices. Posted by Snigdha Sethi at June Posted by Namita Singh at July Hey Viprit I agree with your points. Posted by Preeti tripathi at August Sir I want to education loan for b. Arch sir no any bank to give me a loan sir pls help me what I can do for this. Name You are an anonymous user.

Please insert your name in this comment. Enter the comment Edit without visual editor. This casts doubts about the motives of the people who put up these institutions. It is questionable whether they are in the higher education industry because of their passion to teach or if they are simply grabbing the opportunity to gain from getting admissions as well as donations.

If the government wants to get a higher education GER, they should focus on regulating the incorporation of educational institutions. They should ensure that the higher education institutions in the country are there for the right purpose and not just to make a good profit. Students as well as parents focus on the grading system.

Students are taught to read and grasp thousands of books without actually understanding them. The goal of students is to top a specific examination. Once the examination is done, the information that was hurriedly stuffed in by the students easily goes away without retention. Most examinations are also very simple in context, ranging from multiple choice questions to true or false. Therefore, students lack the analytical skills that they need when they leave the higher education institution and join the workforce.

One good way to achieve this, is by considering the examinations conducted by private companies in screening their potential employees. Some companies actually let their applicants go through scenarios in order to gauge their decision making and analytical skills. Adopting this in the higher education system can be very beneficial for new graduates, in landing their first jobs.

No Focus in Building a Personality Indian education system lacks personality building exercise. Most institutions think that academic qualification and certification from a higher education institution is far more important than a building a personality. Most companies, however, would rather have an employee that is flexible and can work through adversities than have an employee that has good grades but no personality to show for.

You can ask any HR department personnel and they will all agree to this. If the country wants to improve the educational system, they should provide more programs and workshops that can help build a well-balanced individual. Even though there are thousands of small colleges in the country, none of them seem to have the proper infrastructure needed to actually provide positive results.

Most of these colleges look like apartment buildings. The government should invest in implementing a good infrastructure for education. This does not mean that the government should build hundreds of schools before There are various ways to get this job done. They could make use of the internet to broaden the reach of educational facilities rather than spending more on physical infrastructure.

Everyone in India must have some form of smartphone, tablet or computer. So, the education system in India with the help of the government should make sure to provide a high speed internet access that could serve as a new delivery mechanism for educational information. Some institutions have actually started exploring the possibility of offering distance education courses. Lack of Personalization Indian education system lacks personalization.

Not all students learn with just one method of teaching. Students learn through various mediums. Some students learn better through their auditory senses while others learn better through their vision. But this is not really the case; they probably just have a different learning style compared to the norm. The government should encourage more innovative measures of learning.

One measure of learning will not fit all students.

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If learning is personalized, no student will ever be demoralized to learn. In the college level, teachers should understand the corporate scenerio by attending the internship. So that they can equip themselves better and teach the students better. In the educational institutions, everyday an updated english word should be discussed among the staff members and used in every classes they go. So that the students will learn a word daily. While starting the new topic, teachers must compulsorily give the theoretical explanation to the students and make them aware about the topic which will create interest to the students.

Insome of the institution they running their institution for money and not for to provide good education to the student. The role of the teacher is not to teach, but impart the skills which can makes the student think. So India's education system is good but We did not get proper practical knowledge. We Must require practical knowledge on high school level. Yes, I do agree education system should be modified. I think if any school it may private or government owned the teachers must have influencing personality.

2. Communication

Which would make even the least interested student in studies to take interest in studies. The teachers must take care of every child, the number of students in each class should be less similar to the rules in schools of England and various other countries. The syllabus must consist of ethics, integrity, real life stories which would really motivate child to lead a positive life.

The syllabus must consist of growing problems and their innovative solutions such as environment, health issues, suicides, terrorism and how these children can lend their pure soul for the very purpose. The school schedule must include extracurricular activity which actually makes the child understand his or her hidden potential which will make one understand the interest. Parents should encourage the child in its interest should not demotivate the child by comparing with neighbours child. The big change cannot be accomplished only by the government in power it may be Congress, BJP or other parties, it would be combined efforts of government and society.

Each individual has to become good to make such change. Stop corruption, Have faith in the judiciary, live a harmonious life. I'm Lalitha ch. Yes, the present system of education in our country should be changed. Because present education system is changing like business. Parents of the student wants top rank for their children and school management wants advertisement to improve theirs admissions as well as fee. For that, teachers put more pressure on the student so they just byheart it and remember it for the exam to get good rank but they don't bother about their life.

If they read with proper understanding then their knowledge will help settle their lives. Give fair chances to all only on the basis of merit. So government need to take school to the same level compare to government colleges. Education is the thing which is very important for each and every citizen of the country. But now a days, people are making this education as a business.

Especially the private schools in our country are commercially running the schools only for the purpose of money and their sake. And moreover the parents are also getting ready to join their children in a well famed school. They are not thinking about the interest of their particular children, simply they want to join their children in a rich school. For example, consider Bhasyam school, this kind of schools only want their students to get more marks they are treating the students as a machine. The main achievement of these kind of schools is to get marks and percentage.

They don't want knowledge. The only thing they want is "good fame". So as to get a good fame, they not even permit their students to play at least an hour. If a student is forced to study by simply byhearting process, then how can he get a knowledge over the subject. This is not d correct method. The students should be given a drill hour, drawing hour and other curricular activities for at least twice or thrice of a week.

Then he or she can be able to concentrate on studies without any stress. So in my changing the education system is a good idea. Reservation policy is a threat to the students. It should be based on income, not the caste. And the competitive, as well as matriculation and intermediate exams, should be conducted tightly so that there could be equal justice to every student.

This change is must for the survival of our nation. Following are my point of thoughts, which should be innovation in education system and in social system. There should not be caste system.

Should we change the present system of education in our country?

Students don't have stress to concentrate on the theoretically should be practically. Teachers and parents need to more well educated and trained to understand about students learning requirement. Government and private sector school and colleges should not treat a like of Business. Educated people should come and participate with uneducated people to understand them about the power of education. If we take the example of America, an average student can do fishing, horse riding, carpentering, gardening, adventure along with his or her studies. Remove the caste system.

Encourage the poor students and develop govt schools. Learn like practical. So, the system of education should be change and reservation should be on the basis of income group not on the basis of caste. The general students are also below the poverty line, but unfortunately, they are restricted from the reservation. They just don't care who is really success. The student scoring 99 marks don't get seats in available college but they are stopped because the student scoring less marks get admissions because of money. The most important part parents teachers have to focus on how much their child is gaining the knowledge but not stress the child by telling him or her to get full marks and to top the class or college.

In this way children mug up the topics but don't understand what's the actual meaning they don't know. This mugging up will help in topping the class or college but will not help in future in jobs because jobs needs creativity, practical knowledge not the theoretical knowledge. So in my opinion the more advanced technology must be brought in India to just lesser down the burden of books and increasing the practical knowledge. Because in present time the education system changes into a business. Nowadays, schools and colleges give more attention on the infrastructure and the luxurious facilities than the education of the students.

They use the education system as a business. Too much syllabus given to the students which becomes very difficult to cover and whose result is that students only completed their work instead of understanding the concepts. So, its high time that government should take any strict against it and make a secure future for the youth. Practically is better than theoretically, if we focused on practically than our remember strength getting more higher and our thoughts also. And that helps us to learn anything easily and understand what teacher want to teach.

We are very theoretical this thing should be changed. The syllabus is also too long and not all education institute is providing education according to the syllabus. In present time most of the schools give lots of project work and most of the students are not able to do that projects and for this they take help of their elders and tuition teachers. And now, education has become a business in some places especially in metro cities.

So, the government needs to focus on this and change the present system. So, I would suggest a change in our education system of our country. More advanced technologies should be used in this sector in order to compete with other countries. More and more amendments should be done to make students more physically fit and mentally strong. Schools and institutes should focus more on the development of an individual. Schools and institutes with education should teach values and manners. This is because: 1. The current education system in India was designed during the 's when the industrial revolution was at full swing.

At that time, all they wanted were workers who should not be creative, but follow exactly as told. This same system cannot be applicable to the current times as the progress rate nowadays is exponentially very large compared to the last centuries. At these times, we need people who are creative enough to solve real-life problems with multiple solutions and not a class of people who follow orders. The school places a lot of burden on students to memorise a lot of unnecessary facts, but what school's. Should be doing, is to give less facts but provide a deep understanding on the particular topic and help the students to connect different subjects.

Also, they must be given time to play as it is proven that children who play a lot have better understanding capabilities.

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In today's world, teaching is considered as one of the most poorly paid jobs and hence it becomes the least preference. This causes the teachers to be non-enthusiastic about teaching students. As the student's class increases, their creative activities, such as arts, music, dancing, etc. Are cut down due to the burden of the curriculum whereas in the coming years we would need people who are strong, not only in understanding the information but also those who can use this information in a creative way to solve real-life problems. My last point is about the examination system.

The current examination system only supports memorisation but not understanding. The theory of multiple intelligences states that there are different kinds of intelligences, beyond linguistic and logical reasoning. The students who possess such intelligence are treated as dumb whereas those who have memorising capabilities are treated as smart people. People prefer marks over understanding. Yes, to some extent, but not on a whole.

Because Change is a necessary tool which symbolises the growth. But our Education system has been evolved from saints to highly qualified scholars. The upgradation in the learning methods can be modified or overlooked. As we know that one's country development is measured by the transport system and also by literacy rate, which cannot be altered in sense.

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One of my friend Sreelakshmi said that modern technologies make the learning better. Yes, I agree but to note that more the comforts, retards the interest in gaining an education. And I disagree with one of my friend Ashwini. B that we cannot compare our country with western countries for the practical sense of acquiring knowledge, which may be the best-suited method of learning, As we know that the hindrances like population, illiteracy, etc, primarily to be concerned than about the way of learning because just by making the people literate, doesn't aids in growth.

And to add, India has no comparison in culture, hard-working nature which makes a huge difference. Only the way of teaching which from many decades being a convention, need not be changed all at a time but should be concentrated on What to learn than How to learn. Pradnya Bhansali. According to my point of view, education system must be changed.

There are various students who are experts in reciting. They can solve paper n get marks very easily but is this really mean education? Students who don't want to learn they are unable to develope their skill due to such stupid concept called as MARKS. Let m ask you one thing does marks are really important? One more question. After 12th we need to choose our career. Students forcefully committed to Engineering, medical etc. But when they don't get a degree do that really mean they are dumb? No, Not at all. If education system is changed.

N students find an opportunity for their skill definitely students fall in love to go to college hence there is no need of attendance too. Because it is only focus on quantity not na quality. If we look in history we got to know that our Gurukul education system was quite good in compare of present system. Nowadays everyone is running behind marks And grade, nobody bother about you are learning.

I think 1st we have to focus on moral and value education there after we have to change our study from ratification to understanding and practicals, so that every student will learn and understand. Good marks do not give guarantee that he or she will be successful in life.

So it is necessary to revise our education system. Before that, we need to revised teacher training courses. We need to create the mentors who themselves have the good subject knowledge, practical knowledge, good communication skills, leadership skills, social skills, team spirit etc. So that they can easily inculcate this in their students. This can help to change today's education system.

From schools to tuitions to colleges all are busy in making money and not interested in the quality of education they give to the students. I think extracurricular activities also should be a part of our education system. I agree with your discussion but. If we think about the knowledge and the talent of the peoples then there are only fewer peoples who have much better knowledge.

But to make a developed country there is need to make all people almost similar. If we make changes in our country education system then. The poor people's child can't effort this all and they will remain like less educated. So according to me, The education system must change but. There need to manage those people who are less educated and make them all much educated to make a developed country. Indian parents are more concerned about their children being a professional degree holder, rather than being in sports, cine field, politics and other areas.

In our College life, we would have learnt various subjects related to our stream, but the most important thing for an interview, entrance tests is Aptitude, which I highly doubt that most colleges teach or train. Presently our country faces the problem of unemployment, which is caused by most of the youths who are forced into pursuing a professional degree unwillingly, maybe they could have been an expert in any other fields, on the other hand, who have a good professional knowledge migrate to foreign countries for more salary demands or due to unemployment and improve that country's economy, then how do you expect our country to develop economically?

Although an education system should be dynamic enough to synchronize itself with the needs of the day but at the same time, it should b strong enough to keep a hold on our culture, traditions from eroding away with the waves of western culture. Enabling a child to stand on his foot after having some kind of formal education is the need of the hour. Govt focuses on quantity and not quality.

Govt is mindlessly admitting students into various high-level courses without any supervision. Making higher education free is only benefitting the colleges. Students enrol because it's better rather than being idle at home. This is not only affecting education standards but also posing a huge burden on govt for no good. They are responding to that as for getting their wages, to their livelihood.

As we here to discuss the topic should we change the present system of education in our country? From my point of view, we must have to change the education system, there are 2 reasons. The first is in schools every one giving importance to theoretical part rather than practicals, parents and teachers all are focusing on marks of students, they are not seeing that how much a student getting the knowledge of the subject, only they need a good rank and marks. The second thing which we have to change is the conversion of schools into business.

This is also a big issue that nowadays schools are running just for earning money.

Education in India

The management is not concentrating on the education of a student they are focusing only how much they can earn by the school or from the students. That theory should focus more on practical subjects which is interesting for the students. Yes, now the present education system only gives how to memorize things and not practically understandable system. If I get a chance to change the education system, I will follow these following things, 1. Firstly, I would like to change examination type, yes now the examination is just like a story writing and students easily cross the examination without knowing any concepts, so I can change that system into objectives type questions.

Second is the practical knowledge development by import exceeds system in education it is possible one. Next, the teaching fellows must have a capacity for developing students, and exactly the faculties must lie in research fields. The education system fully controlled by the only government. Extra activity is an important thing like an entrepreneurship developments, morals, professional ethics, and human quality.

Education is important for everyone. But in the current system is not able to create a knowledgeable student.

India Education System

This system is students are going to memorize the subjects but not understand the concepts. In many schools not provided the good practical and subject knowledge. After school life, the students are not interested in subjects. They are not willing to involving the other activities. School life is important for everyone. It should be compulsory provided good practical and presentation is must be important. Students are learning the practical situation in their country.

Just like that, they will improve our knowledge. Suppose this system will be changed the people may be concentrating the reality. As We all are here to discuss the topic should we change the present system of education? Currently, our present education system is totally based on theoretical knowledge, students should focus on cramming the things rather than understanding, their main focus is to gain good marks, not obtain practical knowledge.

Even parents also force their children to score good marks, if a student score good in academics their parents and even society believe that their children is brilliant but they all don't know the fact behind this. It is true only one month is required to score good marks but in one month they do only cramming because in many schools and colleges teachers also do only theoretical knowledge which do not cover or understand the things very carefully.

So students have only a one choice for cramming rather than understand the things to explore their knowledge.

Even in colleges, no such practicals can be done, most of the instrument not work, and even teachers also do time pass. But they spoil the future of students and development of the country. Due to all this circumstances students who completed their graduation not having proper jobs, they are unemployment, even they don't know the very basic of computers which a 6 or 7th standard students know. So, my dear friends, I would like to say that our present system should be changed and follow these guidelines if they really build our India economy strong and make proud of the future generation.

Provide more practical knowledge in subjects, so that their concept regarding the subject or particular topics must be clear. The syllabus is also changed time by time because technology has improved day by day and daily new inventions have been made.

From time to time seminars, awareness programmes have created so that students can be aware of technology and explore their knowledge. Thank you guys. Have a good day! First, I will change the teaching style. I will apply latest technology for teaching method example project used for better understanding and visual impact. Then perform practical after theoretical part completion. Second is Discipline and Life morals, there should be a class where we teach great lessons on life and how to live this life and to be successful in whatever they like to do. This is only for gain more marks in exam rather than skill.

There is two reasons we should change the present system of education. Student interest. Firstly we discuss the first reason, the mind set of people should be changed from grade based on skill based. In India, many families forced their children to take science, engineering side. If he got good marks. Second is a syllabus, as well as theoretical knowledge, practical knowledge is also important.

Without practical knowledge, we don't know what happens in the actual world. We should change the present system education in our country. Our subjects are mostly theoretical. We need practical subjects. Nowadays the children are forcing to get good marks. Knowledge is more important than marks.

Technology is changing day by day. But we are reading the same syllabus written some years ago. We, this generation must have to know the importance of real education, but not running behind ranks. So that our next generation will get the fruit of what we needed now. Even after knowing all this pain of present education system, forcing our kids for the same thing what we did is completely senseless and of no use to the particular person and as well as to the nation.

First of all, we have to be more practical in our subjects and we have to be change our current education syllabus because it is followed since Our libraries should be up to dated with full resources and technically updated. Our today's education system should be in such a way that it will help the students to face and tackle their coming competition in easy and good way. Let me tell you that I am avstudent and know what our education system is. What I beleive is the main problem with our education system is that it doesn't deals with learning new things but just marks of report card.

According to me education system must be based on e. Level or practical as practical knowledge helps us in every part of life. Thus, life lessons are very important in education system. And also we didn't know that the school syllabus is a fundamental for every higher studies, so we must concentrate the school studies, I wish that the implementation of exceed system which only having a practical based outcome based education system, but no government schools follows that system, even in a government colleges the professors doesn't concentrate about their work instead of this they are developing them selves by means of their own projects, because I am a engineering student from a government college and I personally experiences what I describe in above text, please try to make changes in our education system as well as colleges, schools.

So we conclude that the education system should not be changed but it must be. Improved government schools must be improved. Even government teachers sending their children to corporate schools.