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Though I have owned decks and been interested in the tarot for all of my adult life, I did not start studying tarot seriously until quite recently.

Card Images from the LeGrande Circus & Sideshow Tarot

Creating this deck has been both a learning experience and a labor of love. I did a lot of research for each one and worked hard to match the meaning and message with the image and presentation. Far from just being a "gimmick" deck, I have made every effort to create a genuine working deck aimed at practitioner and novice alike , and I hope that copies of it will go to people who will use it that way.

None of these designs were tossed off casually — I made the deck not just to look good although I hope it does but to talk and to tell stories and to interact with its users.

For the minors, I started with Crowley's keywords and Colman-Smith's visuals and used those influences as launching pads while browsing the rich history of Circus performance art. I read many texts and studied many decks and tried to assemble a unique vision for the deck. In most cases, the Thoth keywords were replaced with ones that I felt more appropriate to the meaning -- sometimes including authentic Circus lingo.

Blue Angel Publishing - Divine Circus Oracle - Alana Fairchild

Many thanks to her for putting up with my late-night flooding of her e-mail inbox! Unlike the Majors-only version of the deck published last year which was striictly limited to just copies total and will never be reprinted , the Full Deck is meant to stay in-print indefinitely. Once again the deck will be printed by J. The cards are 3" wide by 5" tall. They will be packaged in a simple tuck box. A page approx.

Little White Book will also be included in the package. Please read the rewards section carefully so you know exactly what you are signing up for! Some of you have mentioned that you might like to add-on an extra deck to your order. Here are the available "add-ons" that you can choose from:. I can't imagine that any of you would want to add these next items on to your pre-orders, but maybe it's one of those things that falls into the category of "Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained I've published two novels, a book of short stories, and four volumes of comics featuring two separate sets of characters.

Tarot of the Zirkus Magi Review

Below are a list of the titles, and each title links through to a mini-site that will tell you anything and everything you need to know about the books or you can visit www. It would please me to no end to see any of them added-on, but they are kind of OK, a lot off-topic:. As this Kickstarter project is launched, the deck is just two cards away from completion. It's my intention to have all the work completed well before this project ends, so that the deck can go to the printer soon after the closing date.

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I'll keep everyone current on the deck's progress here through regular Project Updates. My main website is www. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. I will post all questions and answers here through Project Updates.

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  • Thank you for looking at my project! Thank you all! Within the U. Beyond the borders of the U.

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    I know this sucks. I hate having to do it. But I took a bath on overseas shipping when i did the Kickstarter for the Majors deck, learned my lesson, and won't make the same mistake twice. I'm sorry about that. Once the thing is funded, the risks are negligible. The printer is super-reliable, well-established, and does stellar work. The whole process will be documented beginning to end through Updates here.

    Getting all the "rewards" assembled and shipped out can be fussy and time-consuming, but If this project is funded, it will be completed and delivered in as timely a fashion as possible not using any third-party fulfillment services -- and I have plenty of happy supporters from the majors deck to vouch for that!

    After all, I'm just like you: a lover of books, tarot decks and movies who starts to ask "Where's my stuff? I feel your pain.

    I also can't stand having things hanging over my head: I'm going to want to get this thing done just as much as you want it done! Details at circustarot. Jun 10, - Jul 25, 45 days. Share this project Done. Tweet Share Email. Noise Boys 21 Aug Showmanship and finesse abound in this celebration of rhythm and noise. Raven 20 Aug The challenges of motherhood vs artistry.

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