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How I landed a high paying product design position without a degree. Getting a tech job without a degree or employment history. Danny Sapio Follow.

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The call that changed my career path In early — I was running my Snapchat geofilter design business and doing some freelance graphic design on the side. How I started an online service website, automated and sold it in less than a year — medium. Learning and growing as an interface designer After success with the landing page design, I realized that I enjoyed the process and could earn more money as an interface designer than an illustrator or graphic designer. Here are a few resources that helped me: UX Planet. UX Planet is a one-stop resource for everything related to user experience. Daily design news, inspiration, and deals: Everything you need to supercharge your design skills.

UX Collective. Curated stories on user experience, usability, and product design. By fabriciot and caioab. UXPin — Medium. Read writing from UXPin on Medium.

Every day, UXPin and thousands of…. Building up my portfolio During my year of working with Harry and a handful of other clients, I found on Upwork, and through my network, I began developing my portfolio. Interning When my internship started, I was brought onto the design team and given challenges to gauge my skillset. Creating a chatbot prototype without writing a single line of code.

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    Prototypr Follow. See responses 8. Discover Medium. User experience UX designer UX designers make websites, mobile applications, software or video games easier to navigate and more intuitive for users to interact with. Photographer Photographers utilize their creativity and composition skills alongside their technical expertise to capture photographs that tell a story or document an event. Interior designer Professionals in this occupation work with interior spaces to improve the safety, functionality and aesthetic appeal of the area.

    Interested in a design career? A degree from Rasmussen College can help get you there. Request Information. Get started on your design career path. Take the first step with a degree from Rasmussen College. Request More Information Talk with a program manager today.

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    What Is Product Design?

    ZIP Code Please enter your five digit zip code. Preferred Program Program of Interest Please choose a program. Please check the box. The program you have selected is not available in your area. Please select another program of interest. Brianna Flavin Brianna is a content writer for Collegis Education who writes student focused articles on behalf of Rasmussen College. Posted in General Design design design careers.

    Product Designer

    Related Content. Creative Director vs. What Does an Animator Do? UX vs. Leave a comment. Add your comment Thank you for your comment. If it does not require moderation, it will appear shortly. An error occurred during comment submission. Please try again later. These are some good starting points:. A Guide to becoming a Product Designer - Part I Learning efficiently In the following series of posts, I will lay out my personal experience and suggestions for transitioning careers into digital Product Design. This post will go over four main things you should find to start off: Community Focus Mentorship Reading list Everyone learns differently and at their own pace, but I suggest that you learn with a sense of urgency.

    Find community Find a Meetup you find interesting Commit to going to the next meeting Go Find a network of people that will help you learn and accelerate your transition. The energy is infectious and will get you really excited! We accept non-architects too! Zurb University A little more corporate feeling, but a good resource. General Assembly I recommend their part-time courses over full-time.

    Career in Industrial Design - How To Become an Industrial Designer #ChetChat

    What the hell is the difference between all of these? The three roles that are most ubiquitous are: UX Designer First half Focuses on task flows and high level design decisions. Visual Designer Second half Focuses on the finished aesthetic. Find a mentor. Find someone with the role you want through meetup or friends Offer to buy them coffee to talk about what they do Repeat in two weeks Finding a mentor will allow you to: Have a sounding board Get a feel for the role you want Guide your decisions as you develop your career Make sure your mentor has the role that you want to be in next.

    2. UX designer or interaction designer

    There are so many ways to find a mentor: through friends The best and preferred method. Follow up and keep them informed.

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    • How I landed a high paying product design position without a degree.

    Reading list: Pick up that book you bought and read Open usepanda. A must read for anyone interested in Silicon Valley startup culture.