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So the label and link can look like [ Main Article: Book One Cinder plot] again, this can so use a better wording ; with that in mind, this wiki currently will at least have 12 new pages only counting the ones I'm sure of, as I don't know if Fairest is constructed the same as the main books I know in the end you guys hold the right to make the ultimate decision, but I'm just chipping in my thoughts cuz I really don't think it's necessary or appropriate to have every chapter in separate pages.

I don't know much about codes so I'm not going to mess with it to try to add it myself, but I feel like I should report to you my observation. Yes, sadly 2D animations aren't very popular in western animated features. The chances aren't that high. Many book series from recent years have been optioned for adaptations but nothing happened with them with the exception of series like The Hunger Games, Divergent, Maze Runners.

Well, I did have "a new page per chapter" idea in my mind. In the chapter page we could give a summary, a list of the characters appearing and mentioned in the chapter, the places visited and mentioned. So it is possible to do it that way. But you're right, we don't necessary have to do that. Summarizing it in the article about the book is enough arleady for now.

Fairest is constructed differently, it doesn't have separate chapters at all it's just one big continuing story. Oh haha, I don't read much literature-wise so I wouldn't know which ones have been optioned for adaptations I actually never heard of Divergent and Maze Runner until they had movies LMAO. So no, I haven't acquired the HP wiki through adoption I don't think I'll ever want to; although my knowledge of the book series is pretty impressing, I don't know much about its adaptations; plus the wiki looks like it has enough admins to manage it , but thank you for the congrats!

The wiki I did acquire has been abandoned by its admins for more than two years and it has so much potential! It was heartbreaking to see it wither; I actually want to ask for affiliation with this one [ The Lunar Chronicles wiki] , but right now even I feel a bit embarrassed about it cuz a lot of the content are so messy and inaccurate, so when it's more presentable, I'll propose again! Hey there! I just used the cite book template to cite Fairest Just thought I should let you know! Oh I still have to respond to your other messages you can expect a reply any time soon I read the books of Maze Runner and Divergent before I watched the movies, but I only read them after I heard they were making movies..

It's kinda surprising actually that you heard of the Lunar Chronicles before there is even a movie, given the fact that you don't read much. But you said you started the series after you found this wiki, right? I'm a bit curious how you found this wiki? Was it just a search result in Google or did you find it through other wiki's on Wikia?

Three Beastly Kendra Chronicles: Beastly, Lindy's Diary, Bewitching - Alex Flinn - Google книги

Oops, it's my mistake. Your words weren't misleading, it's just me reading things too fast So HP wiki is the only other wiki about a book series, then that means the mysterious unnamed wiki you adopted is not about a book series We would like to become affiliates if you think the wiki is ready. Do you watch Game of Thrones? If yes, do you enjoy it? I fixed the cite book template!

Test: Fairest , Chapter Three. I have the feeling that it is because of the Little Red Riding Hood, because this one I actually do remember looking up relatively recently, but then again, I know I also had looked up Snow White at one point in my life, so I'm not exactly sure; either way, one of the books lead me to link to the series page, and I wasn't impressed with what I saw and just never gave it a second thought again.

My friend, whom I just recommended this series, also agrees that whatever that was wrote on Wikipedia really isn't selling the series LOL Then because of the wiki I then-had-yet-to-adopt, I started paying attention to the WAM score; I selected language under English and observed the rankings. During the surf I pretty much clicked on all the wikis for books I know of not necessarily ones I've read, just ones I'm aware of in general , and when I saw this wiki, I was like Then I was like, wait, this is about the series that absolutely looked unpromising back then!!!!

I actually didn't go to the HP one cuz I really felt I was sorta an expert myself lmao until I started reading really in-depth fanfics LOL, they incorporated stuff I was just like, wait, this seemed to well-thought, is this canon? So I developed a habit of checking whether some really convincing unfamiliar characters are canon xP It kinda also led me to finally join Pottermore, prior to March, I didn't think I needed to be part of it. Sadly, I don't. My friend the one I recommended the series to loves it, but after hearing some of the stuff that happens, I feel that it seems too dark and mature for me I am super childish.

Ohhh so that's how you came across this wiki! I never paid attention to the whole WAM score thing, but I just checked it out and the Lunar Chronicles wiki is currently ranked 70 in the book list english , bwahh.. And my other wiki is slightly better, somewhere around every time I check. Ahh so that other one is also a book wiki hmm? Sounds very mysterious and full of secrets.. I wonder if it's a book series I have read Alright, I understand. GoT the tv series does differ from the actual book series, they added much more pointless nudity and such, but I can understand that the genre is not your cup of tea.

It is somewhat dark and mature at some points. I myself really like the series mainly the book series, not really the tv adaptation not because of the dark and grimmy parts, but the mysteries and all the possibilities for forming theories about what will happen and who is who I can enjoy a great range of genres, so including the darker types but also the more childish types like Lunar Chronicles, though I wouldn't call it childish, especially some parts in Scarlet and Cress. Anyway I also really enjoy retellings especially fairy tales or mythologies , I have read the following retellings of fairy tales I really enjoyed and you might too :.

Oh come on The wiki I adopted has remained rank-less for a hella long period of time prior to my involvement, and even when I started to actively participate adoption requirement the rank is still low because it's only just me, WHEN my edit counts a day sometimes is more than the wikis that ranked higher If you see even a tiny bit of potential, I'd really like the wiki to become affiliates with this one!

I feel the trilogy is so underrated on an almost SAD level I kinda think the film which I actually enjoyed perhaps gave some people false impression that this series is just a fairy tale ripoff that kept on using preexisting fictional characters So sad that those epic arcs didn't get to show on the big screen Though, lately there seems to be a trend of turning "failed" movies into TV series I'm kinda borderline of asking the author whether she'd like the trilogy to be made into the format like Sherlock , just 3 but very long episode per season Movie reboot?

The problem with it is that the series is as thick as the HP last few books, and I always feel that the movies just left out way too much is is better off as TV series lol. Anyways those are just my fantasies I'm not really into Or just timelines that gives a sorta "centuries ago" type of feel Like Lord of the Rings I was just never even interested in it lol Heck, I'm not even interested in stuff that supposed happened in the s! So idk, and it's not just specifically ASOIAF , the same author of the trilogy of my wiki currently has an ongoing series that also has mystical creature and started off in the modern world Only that the characters then went to a ish era That like completely threw me off lol perhaps one day I'll be able to get over this unreasonable preference I have come across Princess of the Midnight Ball before!

Because I actually do remember the tale, but completely don't remember the original ending so I had to look it up! I remember wiki stating that it made the tale with more sense lol I might actually give this a go. Beastly was a novel first? This is the one that got turn into a movie right? I watched the movie I'm not into modern day setting that just used the tale in a metamorphic Hilary Duff's A Cinderella Story or inexplainable way Beastly For the last four listed, I will look them up!

Thanks for spending the time suggesting them to me! I just took a look around in your wiki and it looks great so far! You might be right that the series is underrated, because I've never heard of the series before, despite that I love reading lots of fantasy books. I will read them and then watch the movie one day! However, I don't really like too much "high fantasy"-tropes, like trolls, elves Lord of the Rings , I prefer "low magic" fantasy with a bit of magic but otherwise pretty realistic.

Beastly the novel was good, I would give it 4 stars rating out of 5. The movie though suckssssss I would give it maybe 1 out of See the huge difference? So if you did not enjoy the movie, you might still enjoy the book, because it's completely a different thing. But the most important is the storyline change The last three I haven't read myself, so I don't know if they are any good. I will start on one of them soon I think. Hey there sorry for the slow respond! I woke up this morning with two different posts to reply that's a FIRST ; I had to write to the more dire one and I literally only finished it not long ago then the window I was typing to you froze, so this is the second time around; I was only on the first paragraph so not much is lost.

Seriously, someone at one point wrote something like: "he spent some time with her, and got her pregnant. Do we really need to know how babies are made? So yeah I just read what I wrote, it kinda didn't showcase how silly it looked like when I saw it, but I hope you can sort of get the picture xP I have the feeling the wiki was once consist of preteens or early-teens as the majority of its population Can you imagine stuff under "relationships" were like 10 times longer than the character's written biography?

Orz I'm like doing the best I can to make it less obvious As far as I know I guess, idk, it could also be those sort of stuff written to make one look good, you know? But that's the impression I got, so I choose to just believe it xDDD That and the fact it managed to get a Hollywood adaptation with a surprisingly sort of decent cast xP I do have to warn you though, the movie I'm talking about box-office-wise did terrible on an almost box-office-bomb level, which I totally couldn't fathom.

It also got a considerably poor review, kinda again to my puzzlement. So, since this is the majority statistic, there's probably a high chance you will think it's crap lol While I certainly don't think it's THAT horrible pretty much love it actually , I just feel like giving you a heads up, cuz apparently alota hardcore fans think the movie was an absolute disgrace to the source material So it's not really the movie's fault imo.

I think as of now I can only appreciate what I can relate to I really don't think this will last forever since I'm actually aware of my behavior lol I will let you know when I get over this particular idiosyncrasy! I couldn't remember if there was actually a reason behind it besides dancing all night, of course , and yeah like I said, didn't remember the ending still forgot about it, actually!

Oops, I totally misread the last section; for some reason I thought it was "must-be-read" lol like super highly recommended ahaha, do share your thoughts about them when you finish! I know this is an old thread and you might need to re-read it but because it is about stuff we've last talked about here, so I'm replying here xDDD.

Publication Order of Kendra Chronicles Books

I've been helping to organize both the interwiki book footer and the book wiki directory on the Books Hub w:c:bookshub:Portal:Directory for some time, but only until today I feel that I could probably sort out "retellings", so I did, doing so while viewing what's under that genre on goodreads and see if I could find extra wikis. I was surprised to see Beastly being listed as part of a series called " Kendra Chronicles "; do you know anything about this?

I found it through the third book " Mirrored ", which imo has a catchy cover as it can get lol. I remember when you first told me how Beastly the book was so much better than the film, I tried looking up if there's a wiki for it, and because the wiki in question wasn't impressive, I didn't bother listing it. But now seeing that it's actually a series, and even has one although failed film adaptation, I feel like mentioning it to you, cuz I feel like from the sounds of it, you do really like the book, and I personally think you are terrific at reviving wikis.

Heya Ohmystars! I just want to let you know that I'm editing not because I'm pushing for your response, just that I have some follow up things on the matter and would just like to document it so I don't have to actually save it on my laptop lol. Kind of really need you right now!!! Please let me know when you're free ASAP! I'm like rereading what you've written to me, still kind of in bewilderment about the Beastly being a standalone part I mean, I'm speed reading some description, and people do say it could generally be its own thing, but I'm wondering what you think about the larger picture?

Like I belatedly realized, the Kendra Chronicles thingy I mentioned above, isn't all there is; I should have recognized the same type of fonts used on book covers! So here goes:. Have you read all of them, but just didn't think they were relevant enough? I'm also like super confused as to how the number of book ratings dramatically decreased after the first one That sort of makes me wonder if it's worth getting invested Edited: How sly! Perhaps even the author and publisher didn't know for sure they were gonna be connected!

Four Beastly Kendra Chronicles Collection

Cuz the hardcover for A Kiss in Time was so not relatable until I see it's title being mentioned a few times round! The paperback version then used the same typeface! It's part of a series? I didn't know! So I just checked the links in Goodreads and these are my guesses:. Together all three are connected by one character, which is the witch Kendra, who appears in all three books and influence the life of the main characters of the books. Other than that, the books are completely unrelated. I guess that's why the publishers have grouped them together as Kendra Chronicles?

These are all retellings of fairy tales, like the books in the Kendra Chronicles, but not one connecting point I think? Not sure if everything I say is correct, as I've only read Beastly and not the others. Well, it looks we have more books that we can add to our To Read list of fairy tale retellings!

Three Beastly Kendra Chronicles Book by Alex Flinn

Yeah, that is kind of what I gathered as well; I just remember when I watched the super horrible film lmao , besides the cute christmas tree tattoo, my thoughts was that "there's got to be more about that witch" ; cuz it really doesn't make any sense to me if there wasn't, like there's just randomly this witch for the story to happen. So I'm glad the author if this was her idea decided to go for that route.

But man, the reviews I'm seeing is sooooooo on opposite ends, either people think it's the best thing in the world, or they think it's complete crap. I mean, there's also people that thought it was just okay, but then it really doesn't help determining whether the book is generally considered good or not lol. Well, back then I thought that Beastly was pretty good, and the movie horribly bad. When I look back to it, especially now I've read more books and have more material to compare it to, I'd say the book wasn't that special, but still not bad. You can give it a try and see for yourself. From the description it doesn't look like Kendra is in those books.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. The rich text editor does not work with JavaScript switched off. Please either enable it in your browser options, or visit your preferences to switch to the old MediaWiki editor. Follow References. There are two things I saw on this wiki and would like to know if they came from reliable sources, if so, where: "Most of her inspiration comes from the anime Sailor Moon.

Idk, I think proper crediting sources is really crucial, like: "Marissa Meyer's decision to make Cinder a cyborg started from a hilarious thought: the idea came to her mind that, instead of losing a shoe, Cinderella might lose a whole foot on the stairs. Loading editor. Quote More History. Save changes Preview Cancel. Edited by Ohmystars , April 9, A couple months later I was drifting off to sleep when the lightning bolt struck: Cinderella… as a cyborg!

My head instantly filled with all sorts of ideas and I had to crawl out of bed and start taking notes. That idea would of course go on to become Cinder and The Lunar Chronicles. The only part I found about Sailor Moon and fanfiction was: Did you really use to write fanfiction?

Beastly: Lindy's Diary Review - Off the Shelf Prototype

I did! She felt like a princess in a castle. But many years later, Rachel knows her palace is really a prison, and begins to plan her escape. She is encouraged by the speed with which her golden hair has been growing. It's gotten long enough to reach the ground. And she's begun dreaming of a green-eyed man.

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Alex Flinn October 28, A hapless witch, a bad boy turned beast, and his true love or is she? These three modernized fairy tales appear in one collection for the first time. More by Alex Flinn See more. Book 1.

I am a beast. Breathing Underwater. Alex Flinn. Now Nick must confront his inner demons to stop the history of violence from repeating itself. Reviews Review Policy. Published on. Flowing text. Best For. Web, Tablet, Phone, eReader. Content Protection. Learn More. Flag as inappropriate. It syncs automatically with your account and allows you to read online or offline wherever you are.

Please follow the detailed Help center instructions to transfer the files to supported eReaders. Continue the series. See more. A hapless witch, a bad boy turned beast, a beautiful girl and her wicked stepmother…what more could you want in these four modernized fairy tales, in one collection for the first time, by 1 New York Times bestselling author Alex Flinn. Book 2. Bewitching can be a beast. Book 3. In 1 New York Times bestselling author Alex Flinn's modern and mysterious retelling of Snow White, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and true love doesn't necessarily mean Prince Charming.

More featuring witchcraft. Secret Kingdom: Swan Palace: Book Book Wicked Queen Malice has cast a spell on Summer's storybook and unleashed all the fairytale baddies into the Secret Kingdom. Ellie, Summer and Jasmine are called to Swan Palace to help the Swan Queen protect the other swans against a wicked witch on a broomstick.

Can the girls catch the witch and get her back in the book, or will they be defeated by her horrible magic? B Magical 5: The Chocolate Meltdown. Book 5. Eleven year-old Beatrix, B for short, is a witch with a quirky talent. When she spells out words, magic spells take shape! B's dad's job at Enchanted Chocolates has always been a great thing -- who doesn't like free candy and special tours of a chocolate factory?

But when something goes wrong with the new batch of treats, there's nothing sweet about it! Everyone seems to be losing their magic touch -- can B whip up a solution, or could this spell the E-N-D of witches? Twicetold Tales: Dandelion and the Witch. Olivia Snowe. A dandelion-obsessed witch mother, a car crash, and the attention of teenage boys lead to fourteen-year-old Dandelion's imprisonment in a remote tower. If Dandelion wants to escape the tower and the control of her witch mother she must learn how to stand up for herself.

A modern retelling of the fairy tale Rapunzel reminds readers that the life we think we know is not always what it seems. The Wizard of Washington Square. Jane Yolen. Under the fountain in Washington Square Park, there lives an incompetent wizard. Dog, meet a girl named Leilah. At first, David thinks Leilah is just making things up—until he encounters the real live wizard! Before the wizard can change D. Dog back, a sneaky antiques dealer grabs the statue and races uptown to sell it. Dog back? The Accidental Witch.

Anne Mazer. What will it take for Phoebe to become a witch? Phoebe has wanted to be a witch since she was four years old, when witches transformed a barren, rundown park in her town into a thriving and beautiful spot with flowerbeds in full bloom and swings for the children. Witches are what keep the world spinning. They are responsible for beauty and magic—and Phoebe wants desperately to join their ranks. But as a clumsy fifth grader, she doubts she ever could. One day, perched in her favorite tree, Phoebe tumbles into the midst of a circle of witches.